‘This is the last shot’: U.S. military drops M1 Abrams tank

The last shot was fired on Sunday in Afghanistan, killing all eight of the U.N. mission’s soldiers, including a senior adviser, who were pinned down during a fierce battle with insurgents.

The U.K. military said it had killed eight Taliban fighters, including two of its officers.

The Afghan government said it was searching for the other eight American soldiers.

The announcement came after an intensive search in Afghanistan that lasted at least 24 hours.

It also came a day after the U,S.

and NATO troops completed their most extensive joint mission in Afghanistan since the Us invasion in 2001.

“The last shot is a sign of respect to the Afghan people, our troops, and the Afghan national security forces,” U.A.E. spokesman Abdul Haq Hamid said.

“We will never stop fighting this battle.

This is a war against the Taliban and al-Qaeda, not the enemy.

The last word of respect is to all the Afghans.”

The Pentagon said that the final American soldier killed in Afghanistan was Staff Sgt. Robert K. Kelly, who was killed in the southern province of Ghazni.

U.B.I. agent Joseph Toth said in a statement that he saw Kelly’s body in a field in Ghaznis, where he was killed.

Toth, who is based in Kabul, said Kelly had served as a medic for U.R.I., an Afghan special forces unit, and that his colleagues had come to the aid of the Afghan troops.

Kelly was the first U.O. officer killed in combat in Afghanistan.



President Michael Bociurkiw said Kelly was an officer “who had been in the Uruzgan Special Forces, in a position of leadership and responsibility.”

Kelly, 40, was one of six American soldiers killed when the vehicle they were in came under attack by a suicide bomber who drove a Humvee into the convoy of the military outpost.

Urujgan Province has been a flashpoint for fighting between Taliban and U.U.S.-backed Afghan security forces since 2001, when the US. led the occupation force in a war that killed thousands of Afghan civilians.

The Taliban seized power after a U.C.-based U.I.-led coalition ended the war in 2015.

The group has taken advantage of the chaos to grow, seizing territory and conducting attacks on the Afghan government and other forces.

The United States and other NATO nations have stepped up the fight against the group, while some Afghan forces have been reduced in number.

The attack in Ghazi was the latest in a series of deadly incidents in Afghanistan in recent months, including at least 14 people killed in a suicide attack in the city of Kunduz, as well as an attack in a Urukhari village in March on a convoy of NATO troops that killed four civilians.

Earlier in the week, a suicide bombing in the northwestern province of Kunar killed nine people.

In May, at least eight people were killed when a suicide car bomber blew himself up near a military base in Helmand province.

The deaths came after at least 25 people were injured when two suicide bombers struck a military convoy in the northern province of Nangarhar.