Why you should stop wearing your pyjamas

Fit Girls Fitness, a new company founded by former fitness equipment store owner and fitness expert J.L. Smith, is set to launch its first-ever line of “fitness products” this summer.

The company, which also sells a range of other fitness accessories and accessories to men, will sell the products as a single line called FitFit Girls Fitness in two phases, Smith told The Daily Beast in an interview.

It will launch in June at select retailers, and then expand the line to other retailers in September, he said.

The line is part of a larger plan for Fit Girls, which Smith said has been working on for the past year and has already started to see a lot of success.

He says that a significant portion of its sales have come from women and girls, but the company is also targeting young adults who are interested in getting fit.

“We are seeing a lot more women buy fitness accessories, and that’s a huge thing,” Smith said.

“The idea is to get people interested in buying fitness equipment, but to also be able to be the coolest one to sell it.”

Smith, who founded Fit Girls in 2015, is also the founder of fitness gear retailer, Vixen, and the co-founder of the Fit Girls brand.

Fit Girls’ line of products will be the first of its kind in the fitness industry, Smith said, but it’s a great first step in the right direction for the company.

“I think we’re seeing a trend in the industry that’s really starting to catch up to fitness,” Smith added.

Smith said he’s already seen positive feedback from his female customers, but he’s also seen some skepticism about the company’s intentions.

“[My female customers] are saying, ‘I’m not interested, you can’t sell me something that will help me lose weight and be able walk more,’ ” Smith said in the interview.

“So that’s one thing that’s been really encouraging.”

Smith said that while he is excited to see the products coming out, he also feels a little nervous about what he and the company will sell.

He’s already started planning a number of products for the line, including a workout bra and two sets of shoes that will allow him to walk on them, which he said will also help his weight loss goals.

In addition to the products, the company also plans to start offering a line of fitness apparel and accessories.

“We’re not just building fitness accessories for women, we’re building them for men,” Smith explained.

Like other fitness companies, Fit Girls is looking to get into the fitness space through marketing and brand partnerships.

Fitness apparel has been gaining popularity among both women and men, according to a recent study by the US government.

According to the report, the number of women who wore Fit Girls fitness gear increased by nearly 50 percent over the past four years, while the number who wore a Fit Girls product increased by over 20 percent over that time period.

For now, Smith is just focused on expanding his line of gear, but for the future, he thinks he will be looking to do business with other fitness brands.

“I think it’s going to be really good to have a lot on the marketing side and really good partnerships,” he said, “because fitness is a really cool category.”

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