Trump’s executive order on fitness: ‘Make no mistake, this is a global health and fitness crisis’

President Donald Trump signed an executive order Monday that calls for a massive overhaul of the way Americans train and exercise, and requires the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to create a “national health and wellness platform” that will help guide the nation’s efforts.

Trump’s order, which was the centerpiece of his campaign for re-election, is intended to help Americans reach their fitness goals while also encouraging them to embrace healthy living and reduce their carbon footprint.

It comes as Congress considers a bill that would ban the use of fossil fuels and the Obama administration continues to negotiate a sweeping overhaul of U.S. environmental regulations.

Trump signed the order with Vice President Mike Pence at the White House.

It directs the CDC to develop an “exercise and fitness program that is accessible to all Americans.”

“The world’s largest and most efficient organization on the planet, the CDC is responsible for providing the best possible access to healthy living for all,” Trump said in a statement.

“I am committed to taking care of the American people, and this executive order is an important step toward accomplishing that.”

“Our nation’s public health system is already strong and resilient,” he added.

“But we must make significant progress in making the American public more active, and we must continue to lead the world in terms of the quality of life.”

The order says the CDC will be tasked with “strengthening, and expanding the capacity of the Centers, and its affiliates, to engage in scientific, scientific-based research, including through partnerships with universities, universities and research centers, as well as the private sector to develop and implement wellness and health promotion programs.”

It also directs the agency to “provide a roadmap for creating and improving an exercise and fitness platform for the United States that is available to the public at large, including to all people in the United State.”

The president’s executive action says that “the goal of the program is to help all Americans reach and maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle.”

It says that the plan will involve a number of initiatives, including providing more resources for health care providers and “coordinating with the federal government and state and local governments to establish and fund an exercise program that provides people with an opportunity to exercise, eat and drink more healthily.”

The CDC’s mission is to “advocate and advance the public health mission of the United Nations, promote sustainable energy, and provide support to public health and disease prevention and control programs.”

It is the agency’s mission to “address the public-health and health-related challenges of obesity, diabetes, stroke, chronic disease, cardiovascular disease, and cancer,” according to its website.

The CDC is also tasked with providing health care to people with disabilities, including people with chronic conditions such as hypertension, diabetes and heart disease.

“The CDC and its mission are critical to the nation and its people,” the agency said in an official statement.

“As we strive to fulfill this mission, we are working with the agencies to strengthen, and expand the capacity and reach of the CDC and to encourage the public to engage more fully in this important work.”

The American Lung Association is a not-for-profit organization that represents the nation in the fight against respiratory diseases.

The group, which also works to promote wellness, said in the statement that the new executive order “is critical to helping us address the health and health care needs of our nation’s working-age adults and families.”

“Lung health is one of the most important public health challenges of our time,” the statement continued.

“As we continue to invest in new research and to make improvements to our existing tools and strategies, the American Lung Alliance will continue to fight for lung health, and for the lives of our families and communities.”

The Trump administration has said it intends to begin the process of revamping the CDC, including revamping its staffing and staff, in the next few weeks.

The Trump administration also announced Monday that the agency would be reallocating some of its funds to address climate change.