Fitness coach: I don’t know if I can fit in a golf club

I’m a fitness coach.

I’m not one for gym routines.

I can tell you this.

I don and don’t want to be in a gym.

I want to do the best fitness job I can.

And I also think I am not fit enough for the job.

And that’s where the gym comes in.

My gym is my training ground.

I like to see the athletes get the maximum benefit from their workouts, because they are more efficient.

And so, I think my gym is really important, and I love that.

But I am also a huge fan of golf club fitting, and that’s what we do at The Fit Fitness in Northampton.

My favourite time of year is when we do all the fittings.

We have the best quality equipment and I know we’re the best gym in the country, but I love all the little tweaks you make to your workout to help you get the best result.

So, I can be as fit as a fiddle.

And then I love the opportunity to talk to the fans.

And they want to see my fit food and get a real feel for what I’m about.

I also have a big heart, so I try and give back, and make people feel good.

So it’s a little bit like a business.

And you know, we are very happy that we’ve become a success, but we’re not quite done yet.

The fitness business has taken off, and it’s really taken off in the UK, and so we’re seeing a lot of new opportunities with that, too.

And we have a lot more to do in the next few years.

We’re working on the next generation of fitness equipment, and we’re also trying to get the biggest brands and companies in the world to start to look at the fitness space and come to us.

And one of the things that we’re trying to do is to make fitness a little more mainstream, and the next big thing is to get more companies to look into fitness.

So we’re really excited to see what’s coming.

And also, we have great customers who really support us.

The Fit gym in Northamptonshire, a new gym.