Women wear compression-fitting clothes to boost their body image

Women who fit into the fashionable trend of compression-fit clothing can reap benefits from their style, as they can increase their body fat, according to a study published this week.

The study, which involved more than 1,000 participants, suggested that women who wear compression clothing have an easier time losing body fat because they can fit into clothing that makes them look smaller.

The researchers, led by the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Rebecca Hirschberg, theorized that women are more likely to be seen as fit by others, so they feel less pressure to prove their size.

The findings may help women and their bodies to gain confidence and confidence in themselves, the study’s lead author, Sarah Koss, told the AP.

“If you feel uncomfortable about your size, you might be less likely to want to work out,” Koss said.

Women who wear this kind of clothing should also be aware of the importance of fitting into the clothing they wear.

“It’s important to wear the same clothing for everyone,” Hirschg said.

“And if you’re wearing the same type of clothing for yourself, you’re not going to have the same effect.”

For women who want to be thinner but who aren’t necessarily fit, the researchers suggest wearing smaller-fitting clothing, which can reduce the appearance of muscle.

For women whose bodies aren’t as big as those of the average person, a little extra room can be beneficial, as well.

The more women wear smaller-than-average clothing, the greater the benefits, the authors said.