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Fitness is one of the biggest passions of many Canadians, and it’s one we’re always looking for new ways to play.

But what exactly is the Club 4 fitness app and how can we get started?

Club 4 Fitness, which is a free fitness app, allows users to log in and explore fitness classes online.

There are more than 60 courses available online, including yoga, weight training, and Pilates, which can be combined to create a workout of your own.

To get started, simply sign up for a free trial period and you’ll be able to see all of your fitness options in the app, including a list of available classes, schedules and more.

Once you’ve chosen a class, you’ll get to choose the workout and set a goal for your progress.

The app also offers a range of activities to choose from, including an aerobic workout, a resistance-based exercise, and an aerobic dance class.

A few of the more popular workouts include CrossFit, yoga, and weight training.

Club 4 also has the option to track your progress, which allows you to see how your workouts compare to others.

For example, you can compare the pace of your workouts and how long they take to complete.

In addition to classes, the app also includes a variety of other features.

For instance, the gym is the main hub of Club 4, and users can see all their current progress and the number of gym members they have on their account.

Additionally, the fitness app offers personalized workout recommendations based on your goals.

Club 4 also offers its users access to its fitness hub, which provides information about a wide range of fitness classes, including the best options for women, the healthiest choices for men, and more, including tips on how to get the most out of your gym membership.

For a more detailed overview of all the fitness features available to Club 4 users, go to

The Club 4 website also offers tips and tricks on how you can better your fitness and training, including how to incorporate cardio into your workout.

For a better understanding of how the Club, Fitness and Fitness Hub work, check out the following video from

Australia’s biggest mountain fitness gym to open in Victoria

Launching in 2019, Catalyst Fitness in the Gold Coast’s northern suburbs will be the first in the country to offer fitness for everyone, from beginners to gym goers.

The gym is a joint venture between Catalyst Fitness and Mountain View Fitness, with the former based in the city’s CBD and the latter in the south-west of the state.

“I think the idea is to give a great workout to people in a casual environment,” Catalyst CEO and co-founder Steve Boudreau said.

“I think it’s very unique in the sense that it’s not a gym for the hardcore, it’s a gym that everybody can come in and get fit.”

The facility will also cater for gym-goers with special needs.

Mr Boudoures gym will have three floors of fitness space with indoor and outdoor climbing, as well as a large indoor pool and a heated, dry gym.

The gym will also offer a fitness centre and fitness studio, with full-time staff and a full range of classes, Mr Boudous said.

Ms Boudounis fitness center will be open to the public, but it will also be available to clients who are part of Catalyst’s fitness group.

Mountain View Fitness owner Mike Wysocki said the gym’s opening was a key milestone for the area.

He said it was important for the Goldfields and the region as a whole to have a place for people to come together and get into fitness, and he welcomed the move to the Goldfield.

“I’m excited that we’re bringing our fitness program here to this area,” he said.

“We’re a little bit more conservative than a lot of other centres, so it’s definitely going to be a place where people will have a chance to get fit.