Why you should wear graco’s graco Slim Fit Sandals

With all the hype surrounding graco products, you’d think the company would be more than happy to showcase them.

But it seems they’re not.

In an article by TechCrunch’s Jason Loesch, the company’s product director at graco, Kevin Peebles, revealed the company is looking to make the company less of a graco icon.

“We have a new focus for the company, to take graco from a brand that’s known for making premium products to a brand of people that want to do something fun,” Peeles said.

He went on to say the company will be focusing on fitness and not “trying to make it a granny shoe.”

Peels said the company had “made a lot of changes” with the new focus.

“The thing that’s changed for us is that we want to make something that’s fun and not a gracie shoe,” Pees said.

Peeples also revealed that the company has been making “really big changes” to the company over the past few months.

He said he and the other company’s “core team” had been talking about making the company more casual.

“It’s a real shift,” Preeves said.

“In our world, a casual style is really cool.

It’s a casual wear.

But the graco brand is a gracer, it’s a gracing, a fashionista.

We’re going to try to bring that to graco.”

Preebs also said the team is also working on a new line of products for women.

“What we’ve really focused on is the women’s market,” Preed said.

Graco also announced a new graco shoes for women that will be available this spring.

“I think the whole women’s space is really starting to mature, and the market has really matured, and we’re trying to bring our women’s line to that market,” he said.

In a separate interview with The Wall Street Journal, Peebs also discussed the upcoming graco shoe launch.

“A lot of the stuff that we’re launching this spring is really focused around the women,” Piedras said.

The Graco shoes will launch on April 30.