When to take a fitness test

Fitbit’s latest wearable device, the Freedom Fit, is launching in Australia this week and is expected to be the first to hit the shelves in the country.

It comes as Fitbit is also expanding its range of fitness tracker devices with the release of the Fitbit Max, an ultra-thin tracker that is set to launch in July.

The Fitbit MAX is a high-performance device with a wide range of sensors that can track heart rate, sleep, blood pressure and respiration.

The Max features a wireless heart rate monitor, which can track blood oxygen levels in real-time and monitor heart rate over time.

Key Features Fitbit Connect: A new wearable device for tracking health and fitness.

Connect with other Fitbit devices.

Track and monitor all your activity from any distance, anytime, anywhere.

Power: Wireless heart rate monitors with Bluetooth Smart.

Connect to your computer via USB, or the included USB-C port.

Watch with the Fit app or any smartwatch app.

Wireless heart tracker: Charge up to 30 hours of battery life.

Charge up 5 hours of charge before charging again.

Wear with smartwatch features.